How to Repair a Mac Boot Disk with Disk Utility in Mac OS X

Create an Emergency Mac OS Boot Device Using a USB Flash Drive

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Data Security. Our Story. Seagate Champions. Software Downloads. Instructions for installing an internal drive as a bootable or a storage drive in MacOS X. Physically install the drive into the Mac. Power on the computer while holding down the option key. Select Installer. Select Disk Utility. You set your Mac or Macbook which disk to start up from when more than one startup disk is connected.

How To Make A Bootable macOS Installer On An External Drive - Macworld UK

You can set your Mac to automatically use a specific startup volume, or you can temporarily override this choice at startup. The next time you start up or restart your computer, your Mac starts up using the operating system on the selected volume. If you have an optical drive connected to your computer, you can insert an installation disc to see it in Startup Manager. You can also attach FireWire or USB external hard drives that contain an operating system to add to the list of startup volumes.

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A fully encrypted computer with anonymous browsing, ready to use. Get your privacy back. An encrypted computer with anonymous browsing on a USB. You can then mount that disk image file and write files into it. You can then upload this encrypted DMG file to cloud storage locations or save it on unencrypted removable drives.

How to choose a startup disk on your Mac to boot from USB

The Convert and Resize Image buttons will allow you to manage that disk image from the Disk Utility window. The Restore feature allows you to copy one volume to another. You can use it to copy the contents of one partition to another, or to copy a disk image to a partition. You can later restore this disk image file to a partition, erasing that partition and copying the data from the disk image to it.

How to use macOS Recovery

Combine disks and partitions into one or more RAID sets and choose whether you want to mirror, stripe, or concatenate your data. If one drive dies, your data is still available elsewhere. Striping RAID 0 will alternate disk writes between one drive and the other for faster speed. Concatenation JBOD allows you to combine different drives as though they were one, useful in certain circumstances.

Using New Disk Utility to Install OS X El Capitan

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