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The Mac user can share their desktop with multiple people, but it's done real time, meaning that the person gets invited to access the shared desktop right there and then. It's kind of weird, the Mac user can attend a Web Conference, can take control of someone else's Windows shared desktop in a Web Conference as a "presenter" , the Mac user can share their desktop in an adhoc way with others, the Mac user just can't schedule a meeting and use their Mac Desktop to share out to others as the key presenter.

So hopefully this clarifies Lots of mis-information on the Internet on this topic, so I figured I'd net it all out based on the actual experience of a real Mac user Because of this limitation, organizations with Apple Macs that do a lot of Live Meetings should upgrade to Lync , install Communication for Mac on their client systems, and they can then use the Silverlight client for full Live Meeting functionality.

Recommendation is that when a Mac user installs Office for the Mac that they delete the Mac Messenger 8 that comes with Office and install the Communication for the Mac. Lync for Mac is designed to work with both Lync Server and Lync Online to help you: Control communication costs Improve user productivity Gain operational efficiencies Collaborate effectively. Version Join over , subscribers. Microsoft Lync Screenshots.

Apple Mac Support in OCS 2007 R2 and Lync 2010

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This was released back in October Not the new update some of us have been waiting for. Like 1. Still not bit in , unlike the rest of Office. The downloaded dmg is broken! I am being served a 1KB file that of course will not open for mounting,.

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Lync This app is truly terrible. Messages fail to be sent, with no clear explanation. Files won't transfer. Parts of messages like URLs can't be copied to the clipboard.

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And it has a tendency to lock up the dock for several seconds when receiving a message. Come on Microsoft — you can do better.

Works great on Lion. Glad that using it on my Mac isn't a necessity.