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We also have a helpful compliment to this tutorial. Quickly grab it before you read on. In this quick video, I'll teach you my techniques to reduce PowerPoint file sizes. I'll walk you through, step-by-step on several tips that help you compress and optimize your PowerPoint presentations.

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These tips will help you trim a file before you share it with others. Miss any of the tips in the video, or prefer a written version of these steps?

Check out the instructions below to find out more about how to reduce your PowerPoint file size. Learn all about compression techniques and other ways to quickly shrink your PowerPoint PPT file size down:. Images are easily one of the largest parts of most PowerPoint presentations. Compressing them can decrease the overall size of your PowerPoint file. Often, I find myself pasting images into a presentation from all over the web, on my computer, and using built-in graphics.

As I'm doing this, I'm often bringing large image files into my PowerPoint without thinking of the file size implications on my PowerPoint file.

Reduce the Size of a PowerPoint File (Mac)

That can make for a quick and fluid design process, but will leave you with some cleanup needed. After you've selected the Compress Pictures option in PowerPoint, you'll see a new pop-up menu to tweak the compression settings for the selected image. If you have several key, large images that you want to compress, use this feature as a starting point to downsize your presentation file. Now that we've learned the value of compressing images, let's learn how to batch compress every image in a presentation.

Reduce your file size in Office for Mac

PowerPoint will automatically shrink and reduce all of the images in your presentation file. This has the same effect, and will downsize your images.

2 Best Ways to Reduce PowerPoint File Size

Be careful when using this feature! While it will certainly reduce the size of the images in your PowerPoint PPT file, make sure that you aren't permanently removing any cropped areas of images that you'll want to re-use at some point. This tip will have many of the same effects, but for the entire PowerPoint presentation.

However, most of my presentations are given on projectors or online where these high resolutions are overkill. It's much better to save a lower PPI version to discard that unneeded resolution in the interest of compressing my PowerPoint presentation down to a smaller file. Also, reduce the default resolution to a smaller size like 96 ppi to really reduce the final file.

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  4. Three simple tools to compress video in PPT;

These options are a great way to reduce the final PowerPoint file size. Remember that you can always save a copy of the original file so that your original, full resolution copy is preserved if needed. Many presentations will include video files to add some variety to the presentation, but how you add them will really affect the size of your finished PowerPoint file.

Another option to shrink your PowerPoint file size is to link to multimedia objects, instead of embedding them inside of the file.

Compress large PowerPoint files with PPTminimizer!

Both of these options will place a video on the PowerPoint canvas, but in very different ways. Inserting the video will include it as a part of the PowerPoint file. It's actually bundled inside of the PowerPoint file, so that you can send it to anyone and the video will play. To link to the video, browse to where the video file is stored. Linking to the video will reference the original file and simply link to it.

Basically, you're creating a reference to the video file instead of adding it to your presentation file. The downside to this approach is that if you link to your video and send your presentation to someone else, the video won't play correctly. PowerPoint will be looking for the video on the local device instead of inside the PowerPoint file. Learn how to write your presentation, design it like a pro, and prepare it to present powerfully. There are several ways through which you can compress a PPT file on your Macintosh computer. The latest Mac OS X operating system has built in application to compress a file.

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  • Follow the below mentioned procedure to compress your PowerPoint file on your Mac platform. However, compressing a PowerPoint file using inbuilt technique is considered inefficient and many a times such techniques often results in PPT file damage and corruption. The tool easily helps you backup your important PPT file and reduce its file size substantially. The software uses advanced built in algorithms which aid you in compressing your important or large sized PowerPoint file in just matter of minutes.

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