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Unlike most rock guitarists, Buckingham does not play with a pick ; instead, he picks the strings with his fingers and fingernails. Before the band, a Fender Telecaster was his main guitar, and was used on his first Fleetwood Mac album alongside Fender Stratocasters fitted with an Alembic Blaster. He has used it extensively since, both with Fleetwood Mac and for his solo efforts.

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He uses a Taylor Guitar ce for most of his acoustic performances but uses a custom made Gibson Chet Atkins guitar for his live performances of 'Big Love'. He has also used an Ovation Balladeer in the past from the early s to the late s. His influences include Brian Wilson and Phil Spector. Buckingham has also worked extensively as a producer both for Fleetwood Mac and for his solo work.

I've always believed that you play to highlight the song, not to highlight the player. The song is all that matters. There are two ways you can choose to go. You can try to be someone like Eddie Van Halen , who is a great guitarist, a virtuoso. Yet he doesn't make good records because what he plays is totally lost in the context of this band's music.

Then there are guitar players like Chet Atkins , who weren't out there trying to show themselves off as guitarists per se, but were using the guitar as a tool to make good records. I remember loving Chet's work when I was a kid, but it was only later, when I really listened to his guitar parts, that I realized how much they were a part of the song's fabric, and how much you'd be going 'Oh, that song just isn't working' if they weren't there.

Lindsey Buckingham Shares Update On Fleetwood Mac Drama During Twitter Q&A

And in another interview to Guitar World , he said about using his fingers rather than a plectrum :. Well, it's not really a choice at all. It's just, you know, I started playing very young and from early on, the people I was listening to had some element of finger style. Probably the first guitarist I was emulating was Scotty Moore , when I was maybe 6 or 7.

And he played with a pick, but he also used fingers. And a lot of the session players, like Chet Atkins , they played with fingers or a pick. Then I listened to a certain amount of light classical guitar playing. And of course later on, when the first wave of rock 'n' roll kind of fell away, folk music was very popular and very influential in my style. So it was really less of a choice than what I fell into.

I use a pick occasionally. I certainly use it more in the studio when you want to get a certain tone. But it's just the way I came up. I wasn't taught.

I just sort of figured things out on my own terms. I guess that was one of the ways that I became comfortable and it just kind of set in. He appeared as himself on the May 14, episode during this sketch. Buckingham plays himself and sings in episode 3 of the Showtime series Roadies.

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Retrieved January 20, Retrieved December 7, Retrieved February 8, Omnibus Press — via Google Books. Retrieved February 29, The Penguin Biographies. Martin Adelson and Lisa Adelson. Retrieved May 24, Retrieved June 2, Pepper's on, I guess. At that time, my dad had this small coffee plant in Daly City [south of San Francisco]—they were coffee roasters—and at night I would go up there with Stevie, and a lot of times just by myself, and work on songs and demos.

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  • Fleetwood Mac Bring Neil Finn Back To His Musical Home Melbourne #REVIEW!
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Here’s how Fleetwood Mac survived without Lindsey Buckingham at N.J. concert: review

Retrieved September 5, Retrieved January 13, Retrieved April 11, Retrieved August 31, Retrieved April 9, Lindsey was fired from Fleetwood Mac following a disagreement over the band's upcoming tour, Rolling Stone reported on April 9, He claims that he is still owed money from the band and he's hoping to get it with the court's help.

Fleetwood Mac issued a statement about the news: "We are thrilled to welcome the musical talents of the calibre of Mike Campbell and Neil Finn into the Mac family. We look forward to honouring that spirit on this upcoming tour. Mick Fleetwood added: "Fleetwood Mac has always been about an amazing collection of songs that are performed with a unique blend of talents We made the decision together. At the time, a spokeswoman for Fleetwood Mac told the BBC the press was notified of the lawsuit before the band's legal team. In April, Buckingham's former bandmate and ex-girlfriend Stevie Nicks told CBS the decision to drop the guitarist was about scheduling.

Buckingham, however, said he had agreed to put his solo shows on hold to join the band on its North American tour.

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  4. In his appearance on CBS last week, he said did not want to "twist the knife" after the settlement was reached and that he had tried to approach the situation with "compassion". He then rejoined in and remained with the band until January, when he was cut from the latest tour. Topics: arts-and-entertainment , music , music-industry , united-states.

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