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Bottom line? Clean your Mac as much as you can to reclaim more free disk space, as this helps improve the overall performance of your Mac. Plus, the Finder slow issue can disappear too. This usually happens when your Mac has updated to a newer macOS e.

Other times when you just finished transferring a large number of files from an external drive to your Mac. In this case, the Spotlight often needs to index all new files for you to search.

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However, the process usually takes quite a while to complete. During the Spotlight indexing process, your Mac is likely to run slowly, heat up, and the Finder app will lag as well. How to know if Spotlight is indexing files? Learn how to do that with the step-by-step instructions MacObserver introduced.

Unable to open folders in Mac Catalina:

In some cases, the preferences files associated with the Finder app could corrupt or break — causing Mac Finder to misbehave. To fix that, the best way is to delete Finder Preferences. This scenario is best for when the Finder app on your Mac is not responding or becomes inaccessible. Open the Terminal app.

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Delete the primary Finder preferences file. At the Terminal prompt, type the following command exactly as written and press Return key on your Mac. The Finder not responding issue can be very annoying as we are used to relying on the app to access files and folders. But the problem does happen now and then, particularly when you just upgraded your Mac to a newer macOS version.

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By the way, if you are new to Mac, learning about the Finder will help you better organize and manage your Mac files. Check out this Apple support article for more information. Funding for Tech-Ease content development has been provided by by various grants from the University of South Florida and the Florida Department of Education.

Tech Ease for all your classroom technology needs. Can I open files created with a Mac on my Windows computer?

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Aug 27, PM in response to oxcart In response to oxcart I noticed this on two of my clients' computers today I am a Mac consultant. Both had recently installed Double clicking on desktop icons does not work, though highlighting and typing command-O, and your mention of right or control-clicking, all work normally. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. The one client computer I have here somehow got set to Fast.

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Putting it back to Medium made everything work normally; it was just psychology that made it seem to only affect the desktop, I guess. Rather humbling. User profile for user: Dedo Dedo. Sep 28, PM in response to cavenewt In response to cavenewt I had the same problem on the Desktop, but it extended to not opening new messages within Mail. I slowed down the speed a notch or two from Fast and still had the problem.

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